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Happening in 2015



March - Tomball Art League Spring Show:  Afternoon Shadows ~ Second Place Ribbon

                                         Away from the Crowds ~ Third Place Ribbon

                                         Day's End ~ First Honorable Mention


June 2 - 7 IAPS Convention (International Artist Pastel Society)

           Albuquerque, New Mexico


I attended the workshops of Jeane Rosier Smith and Collette Odya Smith.  Both workshops were inspiring and informative.  Jeanse Rosier Smith taught the technique of underpainting focusing on waves and shoreline.  I look forward to implementing some valuable lessons next time I visit the Gulf of Mexico.  Colletee Odya Smith taught the value of composition and underpainting and getting it right the first time.  Her lessons were in using washes with denatured alcohol and pastel before applying the pastel layers of the painting.  I didn't realize until I had attended both the workshops the connecting lesson in both, despite the artists having distinctively different styles.  Very interesting.  Another aspect of the convention was attending the trade about a kid in a candy store.  Now, time for me to put to use those new supplies.  A task I am definitely up to!!


June 27 - LSAG (Lone Star Art Guild) Convention, Spring, Texas 

                                         Afternoon Shadows ~ Third Place Ribbon








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