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Being an artist requires more than just showing up at the easel.  As with any profession, it requires the wearing of different hats.  The kind of hats one chooses depends on ones goals. Some artists want to make a name for themselves in the collectors world.  Others want to challenge themselves by becoming an "expert" in their chosen medium.  And then there are others who create simply for the joy of creating, and bettering themselves as an artist.


I would have to say that I am a mix of all three of those scenarios, although it can change from day to day.


Regardless of what the choice is, having flexibility, perseverence and vulnerability are traits one works on everyday.  Whether its working on the website, marketing, quickbooks, maintaining supplies and inventory, attending workshops and meeting, preparing for painting trips, shows or conventions, or, if you are lucky, spending time in the studio, all these aspects of the fine art world are equally important.  Showing up, consistently keeping up with the tasks needed to produce fine art, as well as maintaining a fresh attitude that promotes inspiration, requires passion and dedication.


As I move forward this year, I find myself readjusting and fine tuning my goals.  This blog is intended for me to "show up" for myself.  I am going to look at it as a sort of experiment.  


Wish me luck!! 






the wearing of many hats...

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